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On an important day 【Available on the day】 Premium Birthday Dinner course 5000 yen (excluding tax) With Hall cake

On an important day 【Available on the day】 Premium Birthday Dinner course 5000 yen (excluding tax) With Hall cake

By using a coupon5000 Yen

One person / tax excluded

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  • 2persons-
Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

We are preparing a special production like a wedding, such as a table flower for light shining illumination.Carpaccio, Foie gras and Fillet of Meat Rossini, Seasonal Fish W Main dishes, including luxury Italian full course ★ LINE reservations will be received ★ 【LINE contact information】 LINE ID: @ feliz-100

Course menu

LINE reservations will be received! 【LINE contact information】 LINE ID: @ feliz - 100

"plan contents"

* I will produce a gorgeous seat with original cake preparation, table art flower, table cloth etc.


· 5 hors d'oeuvres of today

(Esca bessh, raw ham, olive, bruschetta, roast beef, cheese etc.)


· Fresh fish carpaccio


·Italian salad


· Basil and cheese tomato pasta

【cheese fondue】

· Thick cream cheese fondue

【Fish Main】

· Cod Poirelet du Grayresource


· Foie gras and beef fillet of Rossini


· Special homemade hall cake made by pastry

(We will correspond to birthday or anniversary.)

※ The dish will be shared with the table.

【Free Surprise Option】

★ Birthday interior decoration

※ We will decorate your seat with a balloon etc.!

※ It may differ slightly from the image image.please note that.

★ Surprise image production (In the case of taking home DVD, 1000 yen per piece)

※ We have a monitor up to your seat and display a photo slideshow or message!

In addition, comment movies etc. are totaled within 5 minutes, and photos are limited to 30 pictures.

* Production fee will be charged depending on the prescribed number of sheets and requested content.Please contact us.

Send a photo 【LINE contact information】 LINE ID: @ feliz-100

■ Immediate day hand delivery photography

■ Plate message

I will write a message with a chocolate pen on the cake plate ♪

■ Presents Pre-deposit is also possible!

【Charged option】

■ Birthday cocktail with fireworks 500 yen (tax excluded) (Free service by using coupons!)

■ Prepare bouquet 2000 yen (tax excluded) ~

■ Change to heart-shaped hall cake (number of people × 200 yen)

■ 1 bottle of Champagne Tower (excluding tax) (free service with use of coupons for over 8 people!)

■ Photo cake 2000 yen (tax excluded) (free service with use of coupons for over 5 people)

■ Original illustration cake, dress cake 3000 yen each

Please note that coupons can not be used in combination!

2018/11/07 update